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2020 ballot issues
During the week of October 12th, LWV Mesa County hosted a series of three virtual ballot issues forums. Each forum focused on a variety of 2020 ballot issues specific to the theme of the night and featured local experts presenting the pros and cons of each initiative. Replays of each hour-long forum are available on our Facebook timeline (@lwvmesacounty), as well as below.

LWV Mesa County would like to give a big shout-out to our panelists and moderators and all of the behind-the-scenes volunteers that helped to make these events a success. We stand in awe of the dedication and energy given by all those involved in the effort to educate and entertain Mesa County voters.

If you would like to support LWV Mesa County's efforts to provide future events like this, please visit our donations page. Thank you!

Recorded on October 12, 2020

Bernie Buescher, former CO Secretary of State
Michael Fields, Colorado Rising Action
Andy Mueller, Colorado River Water Conservation District
Ben Murrey, Independence Institute
Scott Wasserman, Bell Policy Center

Moderator: Dr. Justin Gollob, PH.D, Professor of Political Science at CMU
Learn more about the tax-related ballot issues discussed in the forum...
Proposition 116 - State Income Tax Rate Reduction
learn more
Proposition 116 - State Income Tax Rate Reduction
learn more
Proposition 117 - Voter Approval for Certain Fee Based Enterprises
learn more
Ballot Issue 7A - Colorado River Water Conservation District Mill Levy
learn more

Recorded on October 13, 2020

Giuliana Day, Coalition for Women and Children
Anne Landman, community volunteer
Carmen Medrano, United for a New Economy
Diane Schwenke, Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Kristina Tocce, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, PPRM
Kevin Williams, community volunteer

Moderator: Mary Beth Buescher, community volunteer and retired lawyer
Learn more about the health & family-related ballot issues discussed in the forum...
Proposition 115 - Prohibitions on Late-Term Abortions
learn more
Proposition 118 - Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program
learn more
Proposition EE - Cigarette, Tobacco and Nicotine Products Tax
learn more

Recorded on October 14, 2020

Denny Behrens, Coloradans Defending Our Wildlife
Mike Foote, CO State Senator D17
Delia Malone, Wildlife Chair of Colorado Sierra Club
Clara O’Connor, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
Rose Pugliese, Mesa County Commissioner

Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Hancock, Ph.D, Associate Professor of English at CMU

Learn more about the hot topic ballot issues discussed in the forum...
Proposition 113 - Adopt Agreement to Elect US President by National Popular Vote
learn more
Amendment 76 - Citizenship Qualification of Electors
learn more
Proposition 114 - Reintroduction and Management of Gray Wolves in Colorado
learn more