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Colorado’s presidential primary spiked turnout 15-fold

 | Published on 3/5/2020

Four years ago, after the Colorado caucuses shut out millions from voting in the presidential primaries, a coalition of political centrists put forward a new idea: Let the more than 1 million unaffiliated voters help pick the party nominees for the White House and make it a primary to boost turnout within the Democratic and Republican ranks.

The two major political parties objected. The state’s top lawmakers even rewrote the official voter guide to make it less appealing and deleted a line saying it would increase voter turnout. It didn’t matter. Proposition 107 won voter approval by a wide margin in 2016.

On Tuesday, Colorado held a presidential primary for the first time in two decades, and the inaugural one with mail ballots and unaffiliated voters. In the end, it increased voter turnout — a lot. read more