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The Voter, June 2020

The Voter
June 2020

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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LWVUS Responds To Police Killing of George Floyd
LWVUS Press Release Published 5/29/2020

The League of Women Voters of the United States issued the following statement in reference to the murder of George Floyd:

The League of Women Voters grieves the murders of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives that have been tragically taken at the hands of rogue law enforcement officers who are rarely held fully accountable for their actions.

We also mourn those who have lost their lives or been harmed, mentally or physically, as a result of America’s pervasive culture of anti-blackness. The systems of oppression that have perpetuated the myth of white supremacy in our country must be dismantled if we are ever to become the nation we pledge to be—indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

As an organization whose mission is to empower voters and defend democracy, we stand in solidarity with all Black communities. The League shall do so not only by speaking out against racism in all forms, but by doing the work required of us to be anti-racist. We are committed to listening to and amplifying Black voices, and educating ourselves and our children on the historic and ongoing systemic racism that plagues this country.

The League acknowledges, painfully, that America is a nation founded on racism. Therefore, all who live in this country must contribute to and participate in organizations actively working to achieve full liberation and inclusive freedom. We must all advocate for anti-racist policies at every level of government.

We join the League of Women Voters of Minnesota in calling on law enforcement officials to provide transparency during this investigation, and to seek justice for George Floyd, his family, and his community.

Finally, we echo the call of our partners at the NAACP: we must all vote in November – the road to change lies at the ballot box.

View the original press release here

Online Candidate Forum for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District Planned for Wednesday, June 10
By Toni Brammeier, LWVMC Member

LWV Mesa County is pleased to partner with LWV La Plata County and other local leagues to host a virtual candidate forum for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. The candidates for this office are as follows:

Lauren Boebert - Republican Candidate,  attendance confirmed
James Iacino - Democratic Candidateattendance confirmed
Diane Mitsch Bush - Democratic Candidateattendance confirmed
Rep. Scott Tipton – Republican Candidate,  invited, not confirmed

The forum is planned for Wednesday, June 10 from 6:30pm - 7:45pm. The link to join the Zoom webinar is

Questions for candidates can be submitted in advance until Wednesday, June 10th at 12:00 noon at

LWV Mesa County Annual Meeting in August 2020
By Deb Tittle, LWVMC President

With the arrival of COVID19 this past Spring, the Leadership Team has started conducting monthly, web-based business meetings using ZOOM. It’s been an easy enough transition, so we thought the safest approach for Mesa County members to participate in an annual meeting would be to hold a “live event” over the web. During the annual meeting we will:
  • Present last year’s budget and vote to adopt coming year’s budget
  • Vote for officers on the Leadership Team-Secretary, Treasurer, 2-advisors
  • Vote on any purposed changes to Bylaws, Policy & Procedures
  • Adopt local programs for ensuing year
If you are interested in serving on the Leadership Team, or if there is a topic you wish to see addressed at the annual meeting please send an email by July 1 to

Traditionally the annual meeting has been held in May, but with the challenges that the virus presents, the Leadership Team will utilize the early summer months to prepare for a live web-based meeting on August 24 starting at 7:00pm. Members that need assistance with on-line, computer use might consider joining in small groups willing to help each other - get your LWV masks ready!

Documents, information and additional guidance will be made available 30 - days prior to the meeting. Meanwhile, keep connected to LWV through our Facebook page @lwvmesacounty.

Virtual LWV Colorado Annual Council Meeting Held on May 30
By Deb Tittle, LWVMC President

The LWV Colorado held the 2020 Council on May 30 using Zoom as a virtual meeting space for local League delegates and observers. Before officially opening the meeting, President Ruth Stemler took a moment to acknowledge the recent murder of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives that have been tragically taken, reminding members that “as an organization whose mission is to empower voters and defend democracy, we stand in solidarity with all Black communities. The League shall do so not only by speaking out against racism in all forms, but by doing the work required of us to be anti-racist. We must all vote in November - the road to change lies at the ballot box.”

The Council meeting was then called to order, lasted 2 hours, ran smoothly and allowed attending delegates to vote approval for the annual budget, minor revisions to the State Bylaws, and new State Board Members. Local Leagues gave reports on the past year activities and shared ideas on how to keep members informed and active on issues as we all move through the challenges of Covid19 this next year. Overall, membership in Colorado has grown 9% allowing LWVCO to increase staffing and continue support to local Leagues. Additional information about 2020 Council, summer webinars, and events can be found on the LWVCO website at

Colorado Primary on June 30th
By Toni Brammeier, LWVMC Member

After months of campaigning and a rash of legal disputes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado's primary ballot is now set. Learn who is on the June ballot in LWV's Voter Guide on, LWV's award-winning, easy-to-use, one-stop shop for voter registration and election information.

LWV Mesa County will also be partnering with LWV La Plata County as well as other local leagues to host a CO-03 Congressional District candidate forum on June 10  starting at 6:30. For the health and safety of our members and the candidates, the forum will be held online via Zoom (link to join the webinar is

The primary election is June 30. As always, ballots will be mailed to all registered voters prior to election day. Wins Webby People's Voice Award for Best Government & Civil Innovation Website
LWVUS Press Release Published 5/19/2020

The League of Women Voters Education Fund announced today that, its one-stop-shop for election information, has been named Best Government & Civil Innovation Website in the 24th Annual Webby People’s Voice Awards.

“We work to make critical election information more accessible to millions of voters every step of the way to the ballot box,” said Virginia Kase, CEO of the League of Women Voters Education Fund. “To win the Webby People’s Voice Award means so much because it is recognition from the public who value our site. This honor helps bring more visibility to VOTE411, a resource every voter can trust for accurate and unbiased information this and every election cycle.”

Since 2006, VOTE411 has provided registration deadlines and tools, absentee and early voting information, polling place locations, voting hours, candidate information, and more. Late last year, the League of Women Voters launched the newly redesigned, with the mission to serve every voter in America with critical election information in 2020.

“The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on primary elections, but it’s never been more important for voters to make sure their voices are heard at the ballot box,” said Jeanette Senecal, Senior Director of Mission Impact for the League of Women Voters Education Fund. “In this critical election year, VOTE411 is expected to reach one in five people in the United States before November 3. This award is a testament to the time and dedication our League volunteers around the country put into making sure voters have accurate election information.”

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet.

“VOTE411 has set the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said Claire Graves, Executive Director of The Webby Awards. “This award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of its creators.”

VOTE411 will be honored at the star-studded WFH: Webbys From Home Internet Celebration on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 3pm ET. A full list of both The Webby Awards and Webby People’s Voice Winners can be found at

View the original press release here.

Abigail Adams, Founding Mother
By Peggy Rawlins, LWVMC Member

Abigail Adams married John Adams in October 1764. Ten years later, her life and the lives of other early American women changed drastically as the American colonies went to war with Great Britain.

What makes Abigail an exemplary “Founding Mother” is not that she was the wife of a political leader, John Adams, but her wartime correspondence has been preserved. The Adams Papers from the Massachusetts Historical Society has over 400 letters Abigail wrote between 1774 to 1783, half of which were to her husband John.

During the Revolutionary War, John spent three years attending the Continental Congress, and in 1778, he left for France to raise European support for the American cause and was there until 1784 on his diplomatic mission. In that decade, Abigail and John were together for less than two years. Abigail had no formal education and was taught to read and write by her parents and grandmother.

So,like many women during those war years, Abigail took on the responsibility of managing the farm and educating their children during John’s absence. When John worried their three sons were not receiving a proper education, Abigail sent off a letter in August 1776 saying, “What shall I say with regard to daughters, who every day experience the want of it?"

Women like Abigail who lived during the war were often close to military action and, in June 1775, the day before the battle of Bunker Hill in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Abigail wrote of fears about the British military. “We now expect our sea coasts ravaged. Perhaps the next letter will inform you I am driven away from home.” Two days later, she wrote the events of the battle. “The Day, perhaps the decisive Day is come on which the fate of America depends.” “The constant roar of the cannon is so we cannot Eat, Drink, or Sleep.” The next letter she wrote, “I would not have you be distressed about me. Danger they say makes people valiant. I have been distress’d, but not dismayed.”

The next year, March 1776, Abigail sent John a description of the siege of Boston, which she had witnessed and could “see every shell which was thrown.” Abigail followed the actions of the Continental Congress and wished “to hear you have declared an independency.” In July 1776, Abigail was in Boston when the Declaration of Independence was read from the balcony of the State House and she reported the celebration and the cannons roaring.

In 1782, Abigail wrote to John in the Netherlands, “Patriotism in the female Sex is the most disinterested of all virtues because women were excluded from public office.” Yes, it took until August 1920 for women to get the vote and for some to have public office.

Information provided by: Neal Milllikan, Editor of the Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society

LWV Mesa County Proud To Offer Financial Assistance Through New 'Member Support Fund'
By Toni Brammeier, LWVMC Member

Established in 2020, our Member Support Fund provides financial assistance to members who wish to be involved with the League but lack the resources to fully support that involvement.

Through our Member Support Fund, LWV of Mesa County is proud to offer financial assistance with the following:
  • Membership dues for qualified individuals
  • Member expenses incurred for attending non-local LWV events.
Interested in learning more? You can apply for assistance or donate directly to the fund here.

Clubs & Committees
Voter Services Committee
By Robyn Parker, LWVMC Voter Services Coordinator

The 2020 election remains as important as ever despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Your Voter Services Team has big plans to bring you in-depth analyses of ballot issues and detailed information about candidates.

With social distancing expectations likely to continue into the fall, we intend to develop a robust lineup of voter service programs that can be accessed from home. We hope that guests may attend some of our programs in person, but the programs will all be available online and on KWSI-LP 100.3 Radio.

We plan to host a Ballot Issues Forum in October featuring each of the issues on our November ballots. Plus, we will have separate presentations about individual ballot issues such as Ranked Choice Voting and National Popular Vote.

Also important this year will be Vote411. Vote411 provides an internet platform for candidates to share their positions and to respond to questions presented by LWV members. It includes voter registration services and voter participation resources.

None of these projects are possible without the volunteer power of our members. The contribution of any skills or time is much appreciated. Please contact our Voter Services Chair,  Robyn Parker, at or 970-640-7614 to get involved.

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