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Introducing the LWV Colorado Climate Emergency Task Force

Toni Brammeier  | Published on 10/5/2020

With the blessings of the LWVCO,  the LWV/Jeffco sustainability committee has spearheaded the forming of a Colorado Climate Emergency Task Force.  We are looking for individuals from all over our state to join our efforts.  These individuals will choose an area such as water or energy or air quality or whatever they think is most important in their geographic area.  They will then gather information about the problems, efforts, and/or lack of efforts that are happening now in their area.  From that starting point, we will move toward solutions by raising awareness, lobbying and more.  We do hope you will be as excited as we are about the possibilities ahead.

From the Colorado Climate Emergency Task Force...

The phrase “all politics is local” can be altered to fit other situations, but one area where it doesn’t fit is the environment.  Every discharge of pollution from a coal plant in southern Colorado to a refinery in Denver pollutes the surroundings, but also adds to the collective degradation of the environment worldwide.  So, in an attempt to create a coordinated response in Colorado and in the USA we have begun the LWVCO Climate Emergency Task Force.  We will be looking at the state as a whole to see what we can do to force change now and coordinate that with  the LWVUS.

Already several state and local Leagues have formed task forces or committees aimed at promoting the collective actions necessary to combat climate change.  The scale of the climate crisis demands collective action.  It demands collaboration and cooperation with other civic groups who encourage voters to become Climate Voters and activists. But it requires action now, not just sometime in the future, like 2030, when it will be too late to start.

The League of Women Voters knows how to hold forums, organize activities, and form coalitions.  We will need sub-committees to work on such things as  water, food, transportation, agriculture, sea level rise, energy, air quality and more.  We can do this and we need you!

Please contact Sandy at or Sandy at so we can include you in our efforts.

Tell us who you are and what most interests you…Now!  This is a true emergency!