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LWVCO News Access and Literacy for Civic Participa

League positions supporting the ideal of an inform...
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Citizen's Right to Know: The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation at all levels of government.

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Selection of the President: We support efforts to provide voters with enough information about candidates and their positions, public policy issues and the selection process itself. The League supports action to ensure that the media, political parties, candidates, and all levels of government achieve these goals and provide that information.

Equality of Opportunity, Fair Housing Criteria: Responsibility in the nationwide effort to achieve equality of opportunity for access to housing resides with government at all levels and with the private sector—builders, lending institutions, realtors, labor unions, business and industry, news media, civic organizations, educational

institutions, churches, and private citizens.

Natural Resources: Promote public understanding and participation in decision making as essential elements of responsible and responsive management of our natural resources.

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